My story

I was born in Milan, Italy.
Since I was a kid I have been wondering about the meaning of life. Who are we really? Why are we here, is there a God?

My family was atheist, so I knew nothing about religions and I searched for answers in our science, philosophy, and psychology, but nothing could fully satisfy my thirst for knowledge. That was not the truth I was looking for.

When I was an adolescent, I struggled for years with depression because I did not understand what was the meaning of life. I felt like an outcast wherever I went like I did not belong in this world.

For me, all that made no sense. Why did we have to do things that NO ONE likes? Why were we obligated to follow a societal structure that someone ages ago decided that it was the right way to do it? And without questioning it?

I looked around me and I saw that everyone went to a work they hated, to schools that had nothing real to teach us, and why every relationship I saw around me was so depressing?

I just knew that was not the path I wanted to follow. That would have not been my destiny.

However, I was also smart enough to understand that I could not express my real feelings and that I had to play the game for as long as possible.


University & Work

So in the end I chose the “safest” University specialization, I got my Economics Bachelor + Master’s degree, and entered the Corporate Consulting world right after graduation.

I hated every single day of University and what I studied. But at the time it seemed like that was the only option to build a future. If I had listened to the people I was surrounded by, I should have been happy to get my graduation, work for life for an average salary, and hope to gain my freedom at 70.

I was horrified. I knew with all my heart that I didn’t want that, I just didn’t know what other opportunities there were for me.

Searching online I found out about the whole world of financial freedom and the “secrets” of wealthy people (so carefully kept hidden from the masses). So I took the decision to invest in myself and I began studying online courses about money, business, investments, and trading.

I found out that the majority of things I learned in University about business had nothing to do with creating actual wealth and freedom for yourself because these come purely from your mindset and belief systems about money and wealth.

I set up a plan: I started saving as much as possible and in the meantime, I studied at night and during weekends about investment strategies with the intention to leave my job as soon as possible.

The first day of my work I remember I swore to myself “I will not die here. I will find a way to free myself.
To me, it felt like slavery. It is madness to give all your energy and talent to make big corporations earn billions, knowing that you were replaceable in no time.

I’ve worked in global consultancy firms that are famous for making their employees work an incredibly high amount of weekly hours, also on the weekend, and for one year I traveled every week from Milan to Paris.
Every day I was on the verge of burnout.

What has given me the strength all those years to stay there and work for me in my free time, was my freedom. I thought about it every single day.

I knew it was possible, that my day would have come, I just knew deep in my heart.

I never considered quitting and giving up on myself. That has never been an option.


My Spiritual Awakening 

Four years went like that until in 2021 I started to suffer from severe panic attacks and anxiety that went on for several months. I had hit rock bottom.

I could clearly see through the illusion and the lies that we were told by Governments about the global situation and I could see the worst outcomes for those who dared to disagree with the mandates and rules imposed on everyone.

I was living in fear, as much as everyone, but my burnout snapped me out of that because I simply couldn’t take it anymore.

I decided I wanted to do something, help humanity see the truth of the illusion we were told, but I had no idea how.

In my research, one thing brought me to another and soon I found myself looking into aliens, ghosts, and mystical experiences. I read books, watched documentaries, and testimonials, so many hours every day. My mind opened up to things I never thought possible.

This expansion triggered my Spiritual Awakening in early 2022, with an out-of-body experience and my Kundalini Awakening all in the same week that completely snapped me out of my normal life and opened up my eyes to the truth. We are infinite spiritual beings having a human experience.

The Awakening is nothing more than breaking the illusion that we are meaningless creatures roaming Earth without a purpose, and remembering the truth, becoming aware of our Divine nature: we are sparks of light, spiritual beings that live infinite lives for eternity to grow and learn lessons. We are simply a part of All that is.

However, we put so much resistance to our awakening and knowing the truth, because this world is literally designed to cover up the truth and make seem crazy anyone who would dare say it.

Since it is so hard to be seen as different, weird, and crazy, it is easier to remain where you are in the comfort of your life. But this is simply driven by the fear of being judged by others, being outcasted and labeled as crazy, and in the end left alone. Because of these fears, one may prefer to remain asleep and in its comfort zone.

These fears are all illusions, they are not real, and once they are faced and released, you find yourself free from them forever, and completely free to act on whatever you want, because that fear is simply a mental chain keeping you in a limited box.

You don’t have to live the way they always told us to. You don’t have to become a slave and design your life choices to perfectly fit the system.

The only thing that keeps you there is the fear of the unknown and the fear of the opinion of what others would think if you acted differently from anyone. Those are the blocks that keep you stuck in an unhappy life.

The truth is simple: death and fear are only illusions, they are not real.

We are beings of peace, joy, and love. This is our natural state of being. All the rest is simply mud covering up our real selves.

When you remove the mud (fears, limiting beliefs, traumas, etc), you naturally align with that peaceful and joyful state of being. It is already there, within you, you simply have to remove the dirt covering it. It is that easy.

When I realized this truth, I understood that this was exactly the root cause of why the world was the way it was. Everyone lived in fear and obeyed whatever societal norms would tell them to do. Those that went against it, were labeled as “crazy” or “extremists” or really anything that would create an enemy idea in the persons’ mind, to make sure the others would stay put in their place.

The moment I saw this, I swore with my whole heart that I would have done everything in my power to help, to awaken those who wanted out but were too afraid to, because they had no idea of how to free themselves.

As soon as I made this commitment, my psychic abilities activated instantly.

I started to feel energies and became able to read energetic fields, and receive messages from Spirit Guides and cosmic beings – often accompanied by UFO fleets sighting in the sky.

My transformation

Finally, everything made sense: I had found the truth that I had been looking for my whole life. I finally had answers to why we are here and who we are!

I started my healing and self-discovery journey. I committed fully to myself to free myself from those limiting beliefs, and fears so that I could live the life I truly wanted to.

I went deep and removed layer after layer all those fears, traumas, blocks, and limiting beliefs. I soon found out that I was a completely different person from the one that everyone had known until then.
That was the distorted, fearful, hurt version of me that was living a life out of fear.

The healing released all the fears and attachments, and soon there was nothing holding me back from expressing my full potential and doing whatever I wanted with my life.

For the first time in my life, I felt deep peace, bliss, gratitude, and a real feeling of freedom and happiness that I had never experienced before. 

I simply was not anymore a slave of my fears. That is true freedom.

During this intense process, I practiced psychic readings and I learned how to channel.

I finally understood what I had to do with my life, and the moment I understood it, was when I was fully ready for it.

I suddenly left my corporate job to embark on what I truly wanted to do with my life.

The Universe helped me in unimaginable ways to get me where I am today. When you follow your heart, incredible doors open, and the impossible becomes possible.

Why you should invest in me

What is it that allowed me to be where I am today?

The answer is simple: I have always invested in myself. My time, money, energy. I have always chosen myself over anything else, regardless of what others thought.

When I chose to change my life, I invested so much in coaching, and courses, so much time and energy in studying everything I thought relevant: investments, how to start a business, my well-being, my health, and really anything I wanted to know about.

Where you put your energy and focus, THAT is what you create in your life. There is literally no better investment than in yourself. Who else is going to do that for you, if not you?

Soon enough I realized that this was the key that allowed me to grow and improve SO MUCH QUICKER than I would have done by myself.

I know for sure that I wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t choose to invest in myself and look for help when I needed it.

Investing in coaching means accessing a shortcut of all the lessons that the coach had to learn the hard way in who knows how much time.

I offer you the possibility to become the person you want to be with all the tips and tricks of someone who has done it before you.

Because YES, there is another way to live your life.

You can free yourself, you can create the life that you really want. All it takes is your full commitment to yourself and the choice to do it.

I know that you have no idea where to start, that is why I am here.

I will support you in every part of your journey to help you manifest whatever you want to experience in this life.