My Mission

I’m Federica, a Spiritual & Business Coach and Intuitive Channeler.

My Mission is to help you understand Spirituality and the reality in which you live so that you are empowered with the right tools to create the life you truly deserve and wish to live.

How? The external reality that you see is only a mirror of your internal state of consciousness. 

I am here to shed light on the way your consciousness works and the false beliefs that are buried deep down in you, so that you can see them, understand why you have manifested what you see in your reality, and make a new choice: you can choose to heal whatever has created what you see in your physical reality and see it transforming in front of your eyes.

Your external reality will always shift to reflect back to you where you are out of alignment with your desires.

I will help you to read your external reality and situations manifested and support you in finding the root cause in your consciousness that has created that so that you can heal it once and for all.

What comes out of this inner transformation journey? The reality you always wished to live in. Simply because you have healed within yourself what had caused in the first place what you do not want to experience anymore.


What you will learn from me

Spiritual & Business Coaching

Whatever you want to manifest in your life – love, freedom, or financial abundance – it doesn’t really matter: it works all the same way.

To shape a dream reality for yourself, you must first of all understand how this reality works and the way your consciousness works.
Because the truth is that your external realty is created by your beliefs. It is simply a Mirror that shows you what is within you.

It is by deep diving into your inner world, that you can discover and remove those limiting beliefs that are keeping you in a life that you want to change.

I teach you how to trace back and remove ANY block you see in your external reality and find the root cause in your consciousness that has manifested it in the first place.

But because we live in a physical reality, practical business skills are crucial to learn if you really want to live a limitless life. 

I can support you in both ways: learn how to understand your consciousness and create the life you dream of from the inside out, and support you with practical Business skills & tools to start your own business.

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Learn how to Channel and develop your Psychic Abilities

I am also an Intuitive Channeler, and for over 2 years I have performed readings on clients and worked with other channelers and energy healers. 

As of today, I do not perform readings anymore, because I believe in the person’s self-empowerment, instead of relying on external information provided by a reader.

However channeling and all psychic abilities are real and an important part of our lives, and if you want to develop your gifts, I can support you in understanding them, navigating, and developing them. 

Then you can choose how to use them according to your personal journey.

You will not receive channeled answers from me, but I can support you and teach you to refine your channeling abilities: read the Akashic records, connect to your Spirit Guides or higher self, and passed-away dear ones or pets.

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Group Sessions & Events

I have designed group sessions and events in which you have the chance to connect to the community in a safe space where you can share your current situation or ask any question that requires coaching support.

Why are group sessions so powerful and transformative? Groups are never composed randomly: participants usually mirror each other and share an energetic bond.

This means that the information shared by one person will be helpful for many other participants who are going through the same challenge. The lessons and the information received is always what the whole group needs to hear at that time.

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