My Mission

I’m Federica, a Spiritual Coach and Intuitive Channeler.
My Mission is to remind you of who you truly are and why you are here on Earth. I want to remind you that everyone, including YOU, has the RIGHT and can live the best life possible if they choose to.

Being happy and fully satisfied with your life is not something that only special people get to experience. It is for everyone.
The only thing that separates those who make it from those that believe they cannot live their dream life, is exactly their FALSE BELIEFS that something is impossible for them to have.
I want you to realize that YOU ARE WORTHY, as much as everyone else.

I am here to remind you that you are fully responsible for the reality that you create for yourself, which means that you are always in time to completely change it and transform it into the best possible life you wish to live.

How? By transforming into the person who is able to create those dreams.
By becoming the person who is not afraid to step up, speak their truth, and follow their heart’s dream.
Everyone can do it, it is possible for anyone who decides to show up for themselves and take charge of their life. I am here to show you step by step HOW TO DO IT.

Remember: this is not a journey for the fainted heart, you must be up to it, you must be willing to really change yourself and your life, face the hard truth, and be able to accept it.
You must commit 100% to yourself, and honor your heart’s wishes in every way.

Here is where you can have all the support you need: I have done it myself and I know how hard it can be.
But I also know that it is possible and the only things you need are your willpower, the motivation to follow your heart’s wishes, and the full commitment to yourself, and yourself only.


What you will learn from me

Coaching sessions

There are no shortcuts to obtaining the perfect body, health, and life you wish. The only way is to be fully committed to yourself and prioritize your well-being above anything else.
The good news is that this is something that everyone can learn! Everyone can develop discipline and consistency in their life, it is only a matter of choice!

Based on my experience and the work done myself, I will teach you to become that person.

It starts with the healing of the deepest part of yourself: those blocks, limiting beliefs, and traumas that are blocking you from reaching your full potential and shining your true light.

Your external reality is a mirror of your internal state. You will learn to heal your deepest wounds and traumas that manifest as a block into your reality and free yourself from anxiety, panic attacks, and a fear-based state of mind.

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Akashic Records & energy readings

I am also an Intuitive Channeler and Akashic Record reader, and during my sessions, you can find out about your purpose in this life, and past lives you had on and off planet Earth.
In addition, you can discover your soul’s blueprint, skills, and Mission on Earth today, as well as your Starseed origin.

You can also receive relevant messages from your Spirit Guides that you are meant to hear at this time, and in general, ask any question you want to know about yourself.

Channeling & energy readings are very powerful tools to speed up the healing journey and the alignment with your destiny.
You can find out very quickly about energetic blocks and traumas that need to be released. Some of these blocks require your healing and integration, some others can be removed immediately during the session.

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Join a community of like-minded individuals

Do you want to go even deeper in your healing journey? Do you want to connect to your soul tribe and participate in weekly group sessions in which you can receive healing, channeled messages, and learn from the group lessons that arise?
Group sessions are even more powerful than 1:1 sessions since you get to learn from others’ challenges and receive the healing of the whole group.

Cosmic Awakening is a spiritual community we created to give a safe space to connect to other individuals who are going through the same challenges as you. You can understand more about your Spiritual Awakening journey and exponentially accelerate your healing journey.

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