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This is the tool that allowed me to save 50% of my salary and leave my Corporate job in 5 years!


What is this tool and why is it something that I believe EVERYONE needs?

It doesn’t matter if you have your own business, plan to, or work in a 9 to 5 job. 

There is a reason why every company in the world uses a Balance Sheet to keep track of their finances. A Balance Sheet truly is the foundation from which to build your wealth.

Why? Because it keeps track of your income (every source), your expenses, and most importantly your cash flow!

The cash flow is the most important value of a Balance sheet! Why? Because it shows you how much you save every month from your income. It is the nr 1 value to check every month because it will tell you if you are earning money every month, or losing it, or just spending as much as you make!

But don’t worry, you don’t need a Finance degree to use it! That is why I am here!

I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Business Economics, and I have studied Companies’ Balance Sheets inside out! I hated it at the time, but I was not aware of the incredible value I was getting from that! 

As an Economics student, I was broke, I had 2000€ in my bank account and all I did in my student years was to look for alternative ways not to end up in the Corporate world – but with 0 money I found I had no choice.

So I spent 5 years in Corporate, and before my first day of work, I created my own simplified version of the Balance sheet (the one you will be using!) and I never abandoned it until today!

I set myself the goal to save 50% of my salary (I didn’t know why, I just followed my intuition) and I used this document to achieve exactly that!

For 5 years I studied investments, and how to become an entrepreneur, without knowing what I wanted to do with my own business – until the time came, and everything was set! I had studied enough and most importantly: I had saved an incredible amount of money I had no idea I would have when I started! 

All this allowed me to take the leap of faith and leave my job from one day to another, to follow my heart’s dream!

I will be honest: it is an understatement to say that this document will transform your financial life! This is the basis from which to create anything you wish in your finances!


How do you use this document?

This document is an automated Balance Sheet, in which you only have to add your personal value (both for your business and personal) of Income sources, Expenses, the amounts, and the rest is all automatically calculated.

You can easily keep track of you monthly cash flow and how much you spend and save every month.

The document includes an explanation page “START HERE” that will give you all the information you need to use the document! 

It’s so simple, everyone who has Excel on their computer can use it!

You have everything to take charge of your Finances TODAY! But it is important that you make the commitment with yourself to actually take responsibility for your own money!

How? By being consistent in recording your income and expenses weekly on the document!

That is all you have to do. The document cannot do it for you! But if you are serious about taking charge of your own finances, that is all that is required from you.

Transparency in your finances is crucial! So that you know where you stand, what expenses are not necessary and where your money goes!

This will create a solid basis for you to actually start your own business before you make any money (as I did!)!

So trust me, start today, thank me tomorrow! 🥰

(Find HERE the same document in $ currency)


FREE Automated Balance Sheet Template (€)